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"The last ten years have been the best and most meaningful years of my life. In 2008, I started a journey that would lead me down a road that I would have never expected. At Home Advocacy has brought me such joy and fulfillment and I am a better person because of it. I am forever grateful to everyone who has been there and supported me along the way!" - Isaac Sandoval, Director

Since Mary was first introduced to Eileen in 2013 she knew it was meant to be. With the support from the team here at At Home Advocacy, Mary has the opportunity to improve the everyday life of Eileen. Through the years, Eileen has not only become a great friend and travel companion for Mary,  but she has become part of her family. The team here with At Home Advocacy is grateful for Mary opening up herself and her home to Eileen. The bond they share is very special and it shows, Eileen does not look at her home as Mary's home, but "our home."

Art and Joan share their experiences being Family Living Providers while opening up their home and hearts since 2009. A blessing they share with their family everyday, being able to have their career and also the time with their loved ones.

Patricia shares her experience being a Family Living Provider for Jasmine since 2014, and the opportunities she has been introduced to. With the help of the staff here at At Home Advocacy, Patricia has explored new venues of therapy for her loved one to implement as part of her continuing care. Pool therapy is just one of many opportunities available for our clients with disabilities we here at At Home Advocacy have access to and information about. Patricia entrusts her care and support for Jasmine with us and believes it is one of the best decisions she has made for not only Jasmine but herself as well.

Tim has been with us for 3 years now since 2015. With the Mi Via waiver he has been given the chance to receive the help he wants and he has At Home Advocacy to depend on. Tim has expressed he had difficulty with prior companies  and has since found his home.  Our staff has become Tim's friends and have all been there for his support.  Tim has become a friend of us all and part of the family here at At Home Advocacy.

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