Friends and family,


It has been brought to our attention that a lot of concern floats around Community Supports providers and client behavior problems regarding the lack of freedom to go into the community.


We maintain our position that the virus is a serious public health concern but avoidable. Our last memo explained that CCS/CDS services fall under an exception from the DOH and can be billed in home until further notice. While this does not mean we expect stopping services completely we strongly urge you to evaluate your personal health habits before considering exposing the individual(s) you support.


CCS/CDS Providers:

We truly sympathize with the concern you are surely feeling with the uncertainty of job stability. Again, we do not expect you to stop service, but we do expect you to have your client’s best interest at heart. If you have not been taking your personal health seriously and doing what you can to avoid exposure we insist you reconsider going into work because not only do you put the clients health at risk but you put their families at risk as once exposed they would take it back home with them,


We are all in the same boat. None of us know the severity or what will happen with this virus and we owe it to the individuals we support to take it seriously even if “for nothing”. We genuinely understand the concern that uncertainty brings for your families as it brings the same concerns to ours, which includes all of you.


Attached is a list of precautions we suggest taking and what you can do to be prepared. We have also included an information booklet released by the DOH, one in English and one in Spanish. We are here to help, please let us know where we can provide assistance.


Your friends at At Home Advocacy

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