Contacting the Office During COVID-19


Friends and Family,


We hope you are staying home and staying safe!


We would like to take a minute to address an issue we have been experiencing recently. We want to assure you that the AHA Staff has been working tirelessly to make sure we don’t stray from our passion – creating value for you. That said, we truly understand the stress you are all under in these uncertain times, and we feel pride that it is your immediate response to rely on us, but that has come with the struggle of an unusually high volume of phone calls. It is our priority to ensure everyone’s needs are being heard, met, and answered in the order they were received and to that end we are requesting your help in the following:


  • We ask that all our providers call the main office number, (505) 340-3444, to get in touch with any of our staff members. We have made it clear to all our staff members that calls received on this main number are priority. We need our staff members focused so that we can better serve you, so until further notice they are not to be checking or using their cell phones for any reason during business hours.


  • We ask that you do not call or text our personal cell phones and instead call the office.


  • Should you call the office number and have to leave a voicemail, we ask that you please leave only one message. We will return all calls in the order they were received, and will do so within 24 business hours.


  • Unless you are experiencing an emergency, we ask that you only call during the business hours of 9am to 5pm Monday – Friday.


  • Given the circumstances we have spent quite a bit of time to update our phone system to address the increase in calls. We have always taken pride in not having to use a phone tree system, and we do not like them. However, to ensure everyone receives the help they need you will now need to follow the prompts to get touch with the person you are in need of.


  • Regarding CCS Retainer Pay - We do not have all details from the State as to how we will bill the CCS, but you will be the first to know when we find out. If you have CCS questions, please give us time to get these answers before you call the office.



Thank you for your understanding and patience! Stay safe and wash your hands!

© 2008 by At Home Advocacy, Inc.