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Hello all, 

Happy fall! We hope everyone is doing well.

We are reaching out today to communicate key points from the Memo we received from the State of New Mexico. To read it please click the PDF attachment below.


We understand that everyone is getting restless but at this point the State of New Mexico is still asking Individuals to follow the Stay at Home Ordinance. This means that individuals are to use Community Supports in their own home or virtually. They are not to use Community Supports to access recreational activities.


We know that the latest Health Public order is allowing for increased recreational activities but the Department of Health/DDSD are asking that we do not use Community Supports Waiver Services other than virtually or at the individuals own home. This means that malls, stores, entertainment venues, etc. are off the table.


Our priority is to make sure all AHA providers are in compliance to avoid conflict in pay. We have had to deny payment on more than a few occasions because hours were turned in stating services were completed in the community. Please know that is never easy for us but the reason is when non-compliant hours are turned in we cannot bill that time and therefore are unable to receive reimbursement. We do not want to deny payment but hope everyone understands that we have no choice if non-compliant hours are turned in.   


With that being said we understand that the Individuals we support and their providers have been very patient and are doing their very best to follow these guidelines. If you should have any concerns or circumstances we need to consider, please call 505-340-3444 to speak with Jessica or Karen.



Thank you all for doing your part. We appreciate your continued understanding and patience.

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