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We take pride in being the most caring, supportive, and dedicated agency offering services on the Traditional Waiver. We focus on designing true individualized client centered programs that help people live a more meaningful life. We offer the following services to our friends on the DD Waiver. 

Family Living Services

This program provides an individual with the opportunity to live in a private home with a carefully matched provider who may be a family member. This flexible service model allows for services to be individually designed to respond to and meet the specific needs and preferences of the individual served and provides a more natural and "Family like" home environment. This service is bundled with Relief Care for the primary provider as well as optional nursing consultation services. 

Customized Community Supports

This is an individualized outcome driven service in which the individual is paired with a community companion, provider, and coach that helps the individual served get out in the community to focus on promoting independence, developing meaningful relationships, and realizing a more fulfilling life while concentrating on an Individual Supports Plan Desired Outcome. 

Respite Services

These services can look a variety of ways. They are designed to offer relief to a primary caregiver. A plan and schedule will be created with an hourly paid direct support staff member to be available and assist the individual with their care needs.

Contact us to set up a free consultation and to see which of our programs is right for you or your loved one.

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