Friends and family,


As promised, we have been keeping close contact and participating in any Department Of Health updates to ensure you have the most current information possible. 


We are attaching a response plan from DOH for the DD Waiver and Mi Via Waiver Community Supports Waivers. One of the topics that specifically affects you is that the state is temporarily allowing 

CCS/CDS services to be billed in the home starting Monday, March 16th, 2020. For more clarification on this, please click on the attachment.


We find it important to stress that you are not required to stay indoors. Outdoor activities can still be enjoyed so long as providers are aware of precautions to take and commit to keeping good hygiene habits for themselves and the individuals they are supporting. Again, we strongly suggest staying away from heavy public traffic areas such as malls and movie theaters to avoid exposure to the virus. 


You may have some questions regarding this update and as the office is closed over the weekend we would appreciate a response to this email with your questions so we can be proactive in response. You may have the same questions as other providers and it may be effective to send a clarification email.


Thank you for your understanding. Please remember we At Home Advocacy administrative offices and the Hangout Lounge will be closed to providers, clients, and visitors 3/13/20 - 3/22/20.


Have a great weekend, 

Your friends at At Home Advocacy

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