Stay At Home Ordinance and CCS/CDS Retainer Payments Update



Hi AHA Family,


As we all struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic, At Home Advocacy would like to address these very important topics that impact our individuals and our CCS/CDS Providers:


1.) Stay At Home Ordinance - CCS and Relief Care  

2.) CCS Retainer Payments       

3.) Responsible Billing             

4.) CCS Opportunities


  1. In agreement with the Governor’s Stay At Home Ordinance, DDSD is stressing the importance of keeping our individuals at home for their safety!

    • DDSD is discouraging all unnecessary activities outside of the home including CCS and Relief Care.

    • If absolutely necessary, CCS and Relief Care services must ONLY be done in the individual’s home (not the provider’s or anyone else’s home).

    • At Home Advocacy would like to stress that we are in full support of this measure. It is our job as advocates to ensure the health and safety of our individuals. Let’s all do our part to keep them safe!

  2. DDSD is also aware of the financial burden this puts on all our hard working providers, so they have put together and approved a plan to pay CCS Providers at least 80% of the hours approved in the individual’s budget. These payments will be called Retainer Payments.

    • Retainer payments are only for scenarios when the CCS Provider cannot provide services in the individual's home or the hours have been limited.

    • If CCS services cannot be performed, At Home Advocacy will be able to bill up to 80% of what has been approved in the individual’s CCS budget.  

    • This will then allow AHA to pay the CCS provider up to 80% of their scheduled and approved income during these difficult times.

      • For example, if an individual has 10 hour/week approved on their budget, the agency can bill and pay the CCS provider for up to 8 of those hours.

      • If the individual has 2 or 3 providers, we will average out the percentage worked by each provider and the 80% will be split between the providers

      • Retainer payments have been approved as of March 16th until further notice. Nobody’s check should be affected by more than 80% of their normal income.

      • AHA is working hard to make sure these payments get out to all our providers. No need to call the office. We will keep you updated.

  3. With this approval, we would also like to stress the importance of responsible billing!

    • CCS has been approved to be done in the individual’s home, but this is not a green light to bend the rules and bill an excessive amount of hours. We will be looking out for this, so please do not advantage of the system and ruin it for the people who need it.

  4. Over the next several weeks, AHA will also be putting out multiple opportunities for CCS providers to volunteer, get involved and further their education so we all come out of this as a better team!

Stay Safe,

At Home Advocacy


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