The COVID-19 health emergency has put the whole world on pause, especially with the most recent stay-at-home mandate put into effect by our Governor but we won't let that stop us, we miss you all too much!

Introducing AHA Happy Hour - 

Our solution to observing social distancing without compromising our community relationships.

We will get together with anyone that would like to join on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday's at 4:00 PM. 

Since we can't visit face to face just yet we will be utilizing "Zoom", an app that allows us to meet via video conferencing so we can see each other without worrying about exposing anyone to the virus!

The app is downloadable on a variety of devices (instructions below) such as a laptop, cell phone, or tablet. It's easy to use! We send you an email with the meeting information and ID, you dial in and join, and that's it! You'll be able to see us in real time right from your device. 

You all know how much we love seeing you at events and not being able to all month and not knowing when the next time will be has honestly made us so sad. We would love to see you. On that note, we hope you join us! We'll get together, talk, "hangout", and restore our AHA Family connections. See you soon!

Device App Download Links -

Instructions for laptop


Instructions for phone


Instructions for iPad

As always, call if you have any technical difficulties or have any questions!

- Your friends at AHA

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