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Chrysalis Partnership with At Home Advocacy

On January 1, 2022 At Home Advocacy entered into a partnership with Chrysalis. Chrysalis has been supporting people with intellectual disabilities since 1985. In that time the Chrysalis team has learned a lot about supporting people. Chrysalis motto is people caring for and about people. Their goal is to make a difference daily, to help individuals achieve their goals and achieve their adjacent possible. 

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Our Purpose

We believe in taking excellent companies and helping them to become even better. Our goal is to continue the tradition of creating value at At Home Advocacy. We are not here to take over or to make changes that will have a negative impact. Rather, our goal is to support the exiting team. Add new New Mexico team members as needed and to support the team to provide even better services.  Our role is advisory in nature. We have access to custom software to make things more organized and easy to operate. We have already implemented changes to make the EOR and billing processes easier and less frequent on the Mi Via families. We have best practices that can be passed on to the AHA team. And we are here to learn from the incredible AHA team and spread those best practices to other states. from those we support so we can all become better. Our objective is to help implement best practices, better technology, and a better overall experience for the families being served by At Home Advocacy.


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We are Here to Support At Home Advocacy